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shadow lady gif sprite photo: Super Shadow Sprite SuperShadowTheHedgehog.gif sprite GIF
sprite GIF
aggron sprite photo: aggron sprite aggron_sprite_by_hotblackangel-d34ip3d_zps9076f9e1.gif Sado GIF
sprite GIF
mewtwo gif photo: Mewtwo sprite Mewtwo_NB.gif mewtwo GIF
pikachu surf sprite photo: Pikachu Sprite 1-4.gif surf pikachu GIF
sonic sprite gifs photo: Sonic Sprite sonicrun.gif sprite GIF
yoshi island sprite revamped photo: Turtle Sprite Flying-Turtle.gif yoshi GIF
77126_hulalaoo_mario-sprite GIF
Sprite-0004 GIF
Sprite-0004 GIF
Finished up the first prize! DaveKat transparent sprite edit for dragoncapeterezi! Credits to homestuckresources!#EDIT: Fixed the transparen davekat GIF