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B25  G Bombers w/ 75MM M4 Cannon on a Combat Mission WW2 USAAF Aerial Action Footage north, american, mitchell, bomber, bombing, bomb, mission, cannon, gun, combat, aerial, battle, aircraft, airplane, plane, usaaf, army, air, force, u.s., world, war, war 2, ii, wwii, pacific, pto, equipped, modified, secret, weapon, marshall, islands, hopping, campaign, theatre, strafe, strafing, straffing, machine, artillery, footage, film, movie, video, shell, attack, flying, aviation, projectile, field, piece, thunder, tactics, raid, wings, airboyd GIF
World War II Combat Footage: "Camera Thrills of the War" ~ 1944 Castle Films education, educational, documentary, history, film, Camera, Thrills, War, circa, Castle, Films, World, II, Combat, Footage, newsreel, WWII, Japan, Germany, Nazi, United States, Army, Navy, Air Force, AAF, USAAF, US Army Air Forces, bomber, fighter, battle, warfare, fighting, bazooka, anti-tank gun, rifle, GI, GIs, soldier, soldiers, paratroops, paratroopers, jump, skydive, glider, airborne, invasion, Normandy, D-Day, U-Boat, sink, sinking, Prelinger, Archive, classic, retro, vintage, footage, oldie GIF
4th Fighter Group Pilots Briefing The, Mighty, Eighth, air, force, thunderbolt, usaaf, aaf, aviation, history GIF