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Saying Your Name - Name Trigger ASMR (December Edition) december, name, video, monthly, trigger, names, speaking, saying, personal, custom, asmr, gibi, cosplay, christmas, theme, santa, snow, patreon, patron, lipstick, kylie cosmetics, ginger, matte, close, soft spoken, whispering, whispers, whisper, soft speaking, eye contact, girl, female, woman, triggers, tingles, for sleep, sleep, relax, relaxing GIF
ASMR Helping You Fall Asleep In Bed ~Face Massage ~ Oils ~ Aromatherapy~ asmr, massage, sleep, relaxation, brown noise, ambient, pink, hypnosis, roleplay, helping, aromatherapy, essential oils, gentlewhispering, asmallrequest, heatherfeatherasmr, asmrdarling, whispersredasmr, kiss, kissing, hugs, hugging, singing, whispering, love, sleepy, gentle, kisses, tingles, tingling GIF
ASMR 20 Triggers To Help You Sleep ♥ taylor darling, asmr darling, tingles, whisper, tapping, book, candle, tape, flashlight, lotion, face touching, flowers, hair brushing, scalp massage, fabric, microphone brushing, spray sounds, water, finger flutter, lids, haircut, crinkle, crinkling, drawing, markers, hand movements, visual asmr GIF