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Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman - 3. "Get That Money" Tyler, Perry's, Diary, Mad, Black, Woman, Get, That, Money, Kimberly, Elise, Steve, Harris, Shemar, Moore, Cicely, Tyson, Perry, Helen, Charles, Brian, Madea, Joe, Orlando, Myrtle, Darren, Grant, Reuben, Cannon, Pamela, Green, attorney, devoted, wife, money, beautiful, mansion, American, Dream, wedding, anniversary, nice, house, rich, husband, affair, grandmother, God, life, relationship, killed, heart, forgive, urban, sexual, violence, violent, drama, comedy, Lionsgate, Lions, Gate, Films, Entertainment GIF
Dirty Dancing - 2. "Mambo" Dirty, Dancing, Mambo, Patrick, Swayze, Jennifer, Grey, Jerry, Orbach, Cynthia, Rhodes, Jack, Weston, Johnny, Castle, Frances, 'Baby', Houseman, Dr., Jake, Penny, Johnson, Max, Kellerman, Emile, Ardolino, Eleanor, Bergstein, Mitchell, Cannold, Steven, Reuther, Linda, Gottlieb, summer, Catskills, love, innocent, vacation, staff, music, hotel, instructor, pupil, romance, Academy, Awards, Oscar, Winner, drama, Lionsgate, Lions, Gate, Films, Entertainment GIF
Grizzly Man - 17. "Park Service Attack" Grizzly, Man, Park, Service, Attack, Werner, Herzog, Franc, G., Fallico, Amie, Huguenard, Timothy, Treadwell, Erik, Nelson, mesmerizing, acclaimed, life, death, bears, bear, expert, preservationist, wildlife, wild, Alaska, summer, grizzlies, Sundance, Film, Festival, fox, foxes, attack, outdoors, mountains, forests, woods, river, documentary, Lionsgate, Lions, Gate, Films, Entertainment GIF