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I'm here for it, softball players are so intense. softball GIF
I see. So you're REALLY just sabotaging 8th. Here for it Cash me o GIF
battering KV-2 Battering Ram  Well last night Prav was derping around in tier 6 strongholds when we got the Idea to propel a KV-2 with 5 Cromwells and a Rudy the result was hilarious This is a short video but the action starts around 1415 Shout out to the HARM guys for being good sports about it    http//wotreplayscohelmethead-kv-2   Edit Here is a gif of the moment  Spoiler GIF
This is for anyone who wants it here is ade Take you down with me wants,for,This,is,who,it,here,anyone,ade GIF
You thought I would stop at just a watch?! Nope, had to make a charging cradle for it too! Here is a quick gif of how it assembles GIF