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What DMT is like - DMT Trip Simulation (1080p) what dmt is like, electric sheep, shepard tone, hd, full, fractals, visuals, experience, trip report, ayahuasca, Dimethyltryptamine (Drug), spirit molecule, rick strassman, joe rogan, trip, on film, shpongle, Psychedelic, halucinogen, hallucinogen, emulator, effect, documentary, dmt trip simulation, shrooms, Psilocybin (Drug), magic, neurosoup, Taylor Marie, london real, expedition, ceremony, jungle, NEXUS, binaural beats, lucid, meditation, astral projection, pineal, study, Kaleidoscope GIF
NEW 2016 Psychill  Psychedelic 3D Visual Progressive Trippy Music Mix trance, illusion, psychedelic, hippie, DMT, relaxation, meditation, relax, sleeping, music, Trance Music (Musical Genre), Psychedelia (Musical Genre), Psychedelic Trance (Musical Genre), Rave, Electronic Music (Media Genre), Rave Music (Musical Genre), psycho, Psychology (Field Of Study), mind game, Mushroom, acid, acid trip, LSD, Pineal Gland (Anatomical Structure), third eye, Ayahuasca (Literature Subject), Euphoria (Symptom), dubstep, party music, psychill, psytrance, MDMA GIF
Lucy meets with Mushies (Closed Eye Visuals) GIF