Multiple drops on OpenDrop digital microfluidic device. GaudiLabs, OpenDrop, Microfluidics, Digital, Digital Biology, Fluxel, OpenSource, Open Hardware, OSHW, Elektrowetting, EWOD,, DIYBio, Digital Microfluidics, Technology, Design GIF
L929 cell divisions using digital holographic microscopy L929 cells, digital holography, proliferation, cell division, label-free, microscopy, time-lapse, cell biology GIF
Zebrafish developing under microscope - Digital Embryo EMBL, Heidelberg, molecular biology, digital embryo, development, embryo, cell, zebrafish, microscopy, DSLM, time-lapse microscopy GIF
Digital Scanned Laser Light-sheet Microscopy - Structured Illumination (DSLM-SI) EMBL, Heidelberg, microscopy, DSLM-SI, Digital Embryo, Fly Digital Embryo, technology, development, embryo, molecular biology GIF
Coyote and Wolf Skinning the field museum, chicago field museum, science, Biology (Field Of Study), biology, education, museums, animals, history, world history, natural history, Field Museum Of Natural History (Museum), Culture, Documentary, the brain scoop, brain scoop, emily graslie, hank green, species, Chicago (City/Town/Village), Museum (Building Function), nature, discovery, wolf, wolves, coyote, coyotes, dissection GIF