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Raja's Arcade video games very proud of this one second son ps4 ps3 playstation 4 playstation 3 patron saint of new marais nix maybe my best work? kuo infamous 2 infamous gifset gaming eugene sims edit demon of empire city delsin rowe cole macgrath abigail fetch walker *conduit *characters GIF
Second Son VS InFamous (Delsin Rowe VS Cole Macgrath) LIVE ACTION! Second Son, VS, InFamous, Delsin Rowe, Cole Macgrath, LIVE ACTION, gaming, new gen, Xbox, Playstation, Action, Adventure, Game, Gameplay, walkthough, Games, Quest, Wii, Sony, Trailer, Psp, Uncharted, Life, Nintendo, Multiplayer, Xbox Live, epic, funny, vine, topless, parody, Spoof, Comedy, hot, fight, Videogame, Sketch, Humor, Journey, superpowers, fire, electric, plasma, energy blast, vfx, fx, sound effects, kitty, puppy, baby, after effects, videocopilot, tutorial, Effects, After GIF