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"Teddy Bear," the porcupine, doesn't like to share... porcupine, animal sounds, teddy bear, zooniversity, wildlife education, animal eating, cranky animal, Eating, Animals, Pets, Cute, talking, cursing, grumpy, greedy, teddy, Teddy Bear, Wildlife, corn, pumpkin, cookie, share, zoo, cranky, noises, teeth, Pet (Website Category) GIF
Feeding a farting wombat - Natural World 2016: Episode 5 Preview - BBC Two wombat, pete, zoo, fart, Kangaroo, bath, bbc 1, bbc one, earth, world, nature, animals, cute, australia, david attenborough, natural history, adorable, baby, pets, fury, joey, animal, rabbit, babe, new zealand, wild life, life, natural world, farting, sweetcorn, feeding, food, vet, corn, drill GIF