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Aris Alvarado (Ceasar) says: "Every time you have to guess who hung up the phone first, loser drinks." Photo guess who giphy GIF
Ceasar Xbox 360 (Video Game Platform), Wii U Computer, Wii, Microsoft Windows (Operating System), Video Game (Industry), Gameplay, Official, Titanfall, Preview, Os X Operating System, Official Trailer, Teaser Trailer, Sony, Playstation 4 Computer, Trailer (Website Category), Industry (Organization Sector), Trailer, New, Playstation 3 Computer, Gameplay (Magazine), Playstation, Xbox One, Electronic Entertainment Expo (Conference Series), Xbox, Playstation Vita Computer GIF
日常の笹原幸治郎がクスっと笑うGIF画像 created by ceasar@sit original original,笑う GIF
HANGING OUT WITH CEASAR SALAD (Pokémon Go without Pokémon Go) GIF
Silent-Movie-Mel-Brooks-Sid-Ceasar-GIF silent movie mel brooks sid ceasar silent,movie,ceasar,brooks,mel brooks,sid,mel GIF