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Sheldon c and i can't convey it very well in a gif but just the way he says 'of course not',but if i look at this episode (and a couple of others) in an isolated state,then oh man i am feeling it,ugh my sweeties,and then i clutch my heart dramatically because i am having too many emotions,it's so easy because how could he ever be afraid of her? she's jenny,2x01: a robot for all seasons,okay i'm gonna talk about ships now stop reading if you don't care/don't want to know,mlaatr,my life as a teenage robot,sheldon would love for this hug to continue!!! but there are scary guys with guns out there and they,so everyone knows that even though sheldon/jenny is my preferred ship my feelings are complicated an,i just!!! he's literally the only person who doesn't lose faith in her!!!!,hahaha that last line,c: sheldon,c: jenny GIF