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Ed Sheeran shares fan letter on instagram "You are a little ugly but I love you!" Why ya gotta be so mean? sports athletes,fashion,ratings / charts,film trailer / stills,gossip girl,britney spears,lady gaga,concert / tour dates,music video,reality show,american idol,jon and kate,film,celebrity blogs and twitters,death,glee,beyonce,soap opera,rihanna,reality show celebrity,british celebrities,casting / auditions,interview,red carpet and event,Ugly hotel,late night talk show,nobody,harry potter,models,candids,television,disney / nick,michael jackson / jackson family,television promo / stills,zac efron,magazine covers and articles,twilight,charity,photo shoot,jonas brothers,cd and dvd releases,lost,kardashian,lindsay lohan,list,legal / lawsuit,true blood,reality show - mtv,miley cyrus,music / musician,hilary duff GIF
"I hate you, but I love this" GIF
I just met you but I think I love you. GIF
I love you the office sorry this isnt good this time,im still experimenting with making,ed helms,not a fan of the colouring but oh well,there were sooo many beautiful quot,i love this quote,ugh the writing killed me GIF