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The Flash - Season 3 (3x15) Savitar Escapes from the  Speed Force [Flash vs Savitar] Central City (Fictional Setting), Comics (Comic Book Genre), Episode (Award Discipline), The Flash (TV Program), Arrow (TV Program), The CW (TV Network), DC Comics (Comic Book Publisher), Warner Bros. Television (Production Company), The Flash (Comic Book Character), Barry Allen, Savitar, Doctor Alchemy, Savitar (Comic Book Character), Wally West (Comic Book Character), Kid Flash (Comic Book Character), Speed Force, episode 15, vs, versus, escapes, speed force, clip, scene GIF
Gandalf vs Balrog - Death of Gandalf HD Gandalf (Fictional Character), Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf, Balrog, LOTR, The Lord Of The Rings (Book), Death of Gandalf, Gandalf VS Balrog GIF