GIF Brewery Tutorials

Need help getting started? Fret not, for we have tutorials!

Make a Recording

In addition to creating GIFs from your video files, GIF Brewery can also help you record the following:

  • Your webcam.
  • A connected and active iOS device.
  • A portion of your screen.
  • An app’s window.

With these recordings, you can quickly share them to Gfycat or create a .gif as shown in The Basics tutorial. All of these options can be found from the “Stein” icon in the top right of your screen.

Record Video…

To record from your attached webcam or iOS device, choose the “Record Video…” option. If you wish to record your iOS device, you’ll need to make sure that the iOS device is connected to your Mac before opening GIF Brewery.

Once you choose “Record Video…”, near the record button, you’ll see a down arrow that lets you choose the videorecording’s source. You’ll be able to select between your webcam and any attached iOS device.

Press the record button to start the recording and the stop button to end the recording. Once the recording has been saved to your ~/Movies/GIF Brewery 3/ folder, the video will automatically open in a new GIF Brewery window. From there you can start brewing your fine-created GIF.

Record Screen…

If you’d like to record a portion of your screen, choose the “Record Screen…” option or the “New Screen Recording…” option from the “File” menu. This will bring up the all new GIF Brewery Screen Recording window.

You can resize and move the window to select the area you wish to record. GIF Brewery will record the transparent area inside the window. Near the record button, you’ll also find buttons to turn toggle recording of the cursor and recording of mouse clicks.

To start recording, simply press the Record button. Repeat to stop the recording. The new recording will be added to the bottom slide of past recordings. Clicking the recording will open it in a new GIF Brewery window.

Record Window…

In addition to recording the screen, you can have GIF Brewery record a particular window without other windows overlapping or blocking the recording.

To start a new window recording, use the “Record Window…” option from the status menu. You’ll see a list of currently visible windows. Once you choose one, it will start to record the window. To stop the recording, just access the menu again and choose the new “Stop Recording Window” option. This will open the new recording in a GIF Brewery window.

Share to Gfycat!

In addition to creating .gifs, GIF Brewery can now quickly upload your simple loops to Gfycat. To do this, simply press the “Upload to Gfycat” button. It’ll create a high-quality .mp4 with all your filters, cropping, and captions applied. (Other .gif settings are not applicable.)

Once you press the “Upload to Gfycat” button in the toolbar, you’ll be offered the chance to log in to Gfycat. By logging in to Gfycat, the loop will automatically saved to your Gfycat account. However, you can also skip this and GIF Brewery will still let you upload to Gfycat.

Once the .mp4 is created, you’ll be given the option to title & tag the loop. Once you’re satisfied, simply press the Upload button. GIF Brewery will send the loop off to Gfycat and wait for it to finish processing. Once processed, GIF Brewery will open the Gfycat link in your browser as well as present a notification that it is ready.

It’s up to you what to do with the link next. Good luck!