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In its normal state, GIF Brewery simply creates a *.gif from some of the video frames in between the start and end points that you set. The frames and their properties are chosen by the GIF Properties options.

However, what if you wanted more control over the exact frames that are used for creating the *.gif? Or what if you wanted to create a single *.gif that contained multiple sections of a video?

Introducing Saved Frames

If you open the frames side pane, you’ll see two options at the bottom — Current and Saved. “Current” displays the current frames in between the set start and end points. The number of frames in the current frames is based on the frame count and loop type in the GIF Properties. Each frame is also assigned the frame delay from .gif Properties.

Next to the “Current” option, you’ll see “Saved”. This is where saved frames are stored. At first, your saved frames are empty. We’ll need to put some in there first.

Saving Frames

  • In the menu bar, you can access “GIF > Add Current Clip To Saved Frames…” (or shift + cmd + A). This simply adds all the current frames to your saved frames.
  • While looking at the current frames, you’ll notice a “Archive” button to the left of the Current and Saved frames toggle. This will add the currently selected frames to your saved frames. If no frames are selected, it’ll add all of your current frames to the saved frames.

If you want to create a *.gif from multiple sections of a video, you’ll want to add the first section to your saved frames, change the start/end points to the next section, and then add the new section to your saved frames. Repeat as necessary!

Managing Saved Frames

Once you have some saved frames, you are given full control over their order. You can drag and drop them to rearrange them. You may also delete frames that you no longer want.

If you double-click a saved frame (or selection of frames), you’ll see a popover appear where you can edit its frame delay.

For example, if you’d like to pause on a particular frame for 3 seconds, double click it and change the frame delay to 3000 ms.

The “Archive” button changes to a “Duplicate” button when viewing your saved frames. This duplicates the selected saved frame.

Previewing Saved Frames Loop

At the top of the frames pane, you’ll see the frame size and number of frames. Pressing the frame count on the right will generate the preview loop.

Creating A GIF From Your Saved Frames

To create a .gif from your saved frames, either press the “Create .gif” button in the bottom left of the Frames pane or access “Create > Create .gif From Saved Frames” in the menu bar.

However, creating a .gif from your saved frames ignores all of the .gif properties except for the loop count and the color options.