GIF Brewery Tutorials

Need help getting started? Fret not, for we have tutorials!


GIF Brewery helps you create *.gif files or GFYCATs from clips of your video files. In addition, GIF Brewery can help you quickly create GIFs from iOS or Mac screen recordings. However, in this tutorial, we’ll be focusing on just quickly creating a simple .gif from a video file.

Upon opening GIF Brewery 3, you’ll be presented with the Welcome Screen. It offers information on the latest version, updates, and contact details for support. More importantly for intrepid GIF Brewers, you’ll want to view the “Basics” tab. It gives a quick explanation of all the standard features and the .gif Properties.

To actually get started with your video, you’ll want to choose the “Video…” option in the top right of the Welcome Screen. This will bring up an “Open File…” dialog window. You will want to select the video file you wish to get started with.

Once selected, GIF Brewery 3 will open the video. The GIF will be created from the video in between the start and end points as represented by the green and red bars on the video scrubber.

You can set the start / end points by changing the video’s time to a desired point and pressing the “Set Start” or “Set End” button,or by dragging the green (start) or red (end) bars to the desired locations. The GIF will be created just from frames in between these two points.

Once you’ve set the start and end points, the next step is to prepare the .gif Properties. You open the .gif Properties pane by pressing the “Cog” icon on the far right of the toolbar.

The important settings are the “Frame Count” and “Frame Delay”. The frame count decides how many frames to extract between the start and end points. The frame delay decides how long each frame will be displayed in the created *.gif.

However, you do not have to manually set the frame count and delay! Just below that is the “Calculate Frame Count & Delay” setting. If you select this, you can set a frames per second (which does not have to necessarily match the source video’s FPS) and GIF Brewery will automatically choose a frame count and delay for you.

Then lastly, you just need to press the Create .gif button on the far left of the toolbar. GIF Brewery will do some work and finally your .gif will be created!

Now with the .gif created, just press “Save…” to save the .gif! Or if you’re not entirely happy, press Cancel and adjust the settings.