Gfycat Team

Richard Rabbat

Richard Rabbat, Gfycat’s co-founder and CEO, received his PhD from MIT before taking positions at Fujitsu, Google, Zynga, and Tango. At Google, Richard led the “Make the Web Faster” initiative, which led to the creation of new web standards including HTTP 2.0 and WebP, a new image format for the web. During his stint at Zynga, he improved monetization of the flagship product Cityville by 13%; he then managed the client platform team that developed As VP of Platform and Advertising at Tango, he ran business operations for the gaming and ad verticals. In his spare time, he runs marathons.

Dan McEleney

Dan is one of our co-founders and manages operations at Gfycat. He has extensive experience in leading project management in the technology sector, including medtech company Haemonetics. An avid redditor, Dan noticed the advent of the GIF on Reddit in lieu of videos. His frustration with the low-quality, slow-loading GIFs he saw led to the creation of Gfycat. His engagement with the Reddit community led to Gfycat’s viral adoption among redditors, leading to Gfycat’s explosive, organic growth.

Jeff Harris

Jeff is one of our co-founders and the mastermind behind our video-to-Gfycat transcoder. Jeff is a wizard of systems architecture and manages our backend engineering team in Edmonton. He has a dual degree in physics and film from the University of Alberta. Jeff is active in the Edmonton philanthropy community and is president of the Kinsmen Club of Edmonton.

Lanre Adebambo

Lanre is a Software Developer working on our video transcoder. Before joining us he worked at, where he built connectors to streamline data migrations between cloud storage services such as Amazon S3, Dropbox and Google Drive; and Stormboard, developing a web based real-time interactive whiteboard. He also co-founded a startup called Cappsule that allows users to share experiences in the form of videos or pictures, and tag them to locations for other users to discover. In his spare time, he volunteers as a mentor for university students with He has a BSc with Honors in Computing Science from the University of Alberta and originally hails from Nigeria.

Kenny Au

Kenny is a Senior Software Engineer. Prior to joining us at Gfycat he worked at Willowglen Systems, GE, and Haemonetics. At Gfycat he works on our data pipeline, transcoder, and API. He graduated from the University of Alberta. In his spare time he’s a technical advisor for an online ophthalmology clinic, using machine learning to drastically speed up patient diagnosis times.

John Dodini

John is our Head of Business Development. He is a Bay Area native who received his B.S. in civil engineering and M.S. in management science and engineering from Stanford University. John was part of the early sales team at Singularity and led operations as Chief of Staff at secure messaging platform Wickr during their pivot to an enterprise software company. He joined the Gfycat team in 2015. He is also an active leader in the Bay Area Stanford alumni communities.

Daniel Estrada

Daniel is our Content Intern. He’s responsible for content creation at Gfycat and is a font of geek and pop cultural knowledge. He is a veteran of the USMC.

Henry Gan

Henry, a Software Engineer, joined us as a recent graduate of the University of California, Berkeley. At Gfycat he works on our Special Projects team. Some of Henry’s personal projects were successfully creating a robot that can solve and beat humans at Connect 4 in real time, and co-founding a program that teaches high school students Python.

Dmytro Goliy

Dmytro, or Dima, is a Senior Software Engineer with vast Android development experience. After graduating from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute he worked at a number of Ukrainian companies as well as at Tango before joining the Gfycat team. Dima has experience in a set of different technologies and platforms, including VoIP, UPnP protocols, dev tools development, and mobile games development, that helped him successfully accomplish a wide variety of projects throughout his career.

Michal Kurgan

Michal is a Systems Developer hailing from Poland. He usually works on nut and bolts holding together web enterprises, including Nexopia, Granify and now Gfycat. He likes challenges and is a passionate metalhead geek standing behind team red. He’s particularly interested in Linux and high performance and scalable back-end solutions, including kernel development. Michal graduated from AGH University of Science and Technology and later University of Alberta.

Amanda Lorei

Amanda is our Head of Communications and handles PR and marketing at Gfycat. She holds bachelor's and master's degrees from Stanford University. Some of her personal accomplishments include creating a mass media campaign to bring focus to Stanford’s Title IX policies, making back-to-back PAC 12 all-academic rowing teams, and earning a full scholarship for her master’s degree in Russian Studies.

Masha Meteleva

Maria, or Masha, is a Software Engineer from Moscow, with a degree from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and experience in natural language processing and front end developing. Masha works on web development and third-party integrations at Gfycat (including creating the Skype chat extension and the Gfycat player used by 30,000 sites worldwide). Prior to joining Gfycat she worked at a Russian company called ABBYY.

Patrick Rogers

Patrick is the creator of GIF Brewery, a desktop GIF creation app that’s helped over 200,000 users to create GIFs and is used by major brands in sports, journalism, design, video games, and television. A graduate of Virginia Tech and UNC Charlotte, he’s a Senior Software Engineer at Gfycat. In addition to continuing to improve upon GIF Brewery, Patrick works on our Special Projects team.

Miles Shang

Miles is a Senior Software Developer working on our video transcoder. Before joining Gfycat, he was a founding member of the Instagram ads team and worked on the backend for Facebook Messenger. Despite the impressive resume, his proudest accomplishment to date is making a hacking challenge that hit the front page of Hacker News. Miles graduated from McGill University.

Kasey Wang

Kasey is a Product Designer, coming to us from Meitu, where her mobile designs were seen by 100M+ people. Previously she was a visual designer at Minted, where she edited over 15k stationery cards and photos. She also designed video-based productivity tools that won SF Angelhack 2014, placed finalist in YC Hacks 2014, and made it to the YC W15 interviews. Kasey holds a certificate from Designlab’s UX Academy, and a degree from School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts. In her free time Kasey attends Stanford’s Effective Altruism meetups.

Hanna Xu

Hanna is our Senior Product Designer. Before Gfycat, Hanna co-founded a TechCrunch and Apple featured messaging app, Buzz, where she designed an iOS & Android app from the ground up. Prior to Buzz, she led core communications (messaging, calling, and video) at Tango, and was lead designer and first employee at an early stage startup since acquired by Wish. Hanna loves competing in hackathons and has won a number of prizes, including the Bitcoin Sponsor Prize at AngelHack 2014 and 1st Runner-Up at HP Idol OnDemand 2014. She graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in Communication Design.

Vera Yuan

Vera is our Head of Partnerships and Product Operations. Prior to joining Gfycat, she was a product manager at messaging app Tango. Vera also managed 50+ content partners including Mashable, AOL, Tastemade and Spotify over 120+ active content channels for Tango’s content platform. She has a B.A in International Management and a B.S. in International Business from Pepperdine University. Vera is a certified Lagree fitness instructor and teaches classes in her free time.