Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gfycat?

What are the benefits of having a Gfycat account?

What is Gfycat Pro?

I’d like to add GIF creation and GIF search to my app. Does Gfycat have an API for developers?

Where can I download the Gfycat app?

What’s behind the name Gfycat?

How do you pronounce Gfycat?

How can I reach Gfycat for support?

Uploading & Creating GIFs

How do I create my own GIFs on Gfycat?

Can I edit, change or delete my content after I upload it?

Is my content public or unlisted when I upload?

What is the maximum file size video or GIF file I can upload?

What is the maximum length video or GIF I can upload?

What are GIFs with sound? Can I include sound in my videos with Gfycat?

Can I upload NSFW content or content adult in nature?

Are there any other types of content that I cannot upload to Gfycat?

Embedding and Sharing GIFs

How do I share a GIF on Twitter?

How do I share a GIF on Facebook?

Can I share a GIF on a Facebook page that I manage?

How do I share a GIF on Discord?

Where can I find the .gif file to be able to download a GIF?

How do I embed GIFs on Wordpress or Medium?

How do I embed GIFs in an article I’m writing or on my website?

How do I send a GIF in iMessage or Android Messages?

Gfycat for Brands and Creators

How do I grow my audience on Gfycat?

Are there any added benefits for my company or brand to be on Gfycat?

I’m an artist or content creator with audiences on other platforms. What benefits are there for me on Gfycat?