What is Gfycat?

Gfycat is GIFs done right. GIFs come from the .gif (graphics interchange format) image. Still or static images can be a .gif file, but you’re probably more familiar with an animated .gif file. However, the .gif file format was created in the 80s! Technology has come a long way since then and we have better ways to create and distribute GIFs. Size, speed, colors and controls are just a few of the improvements with Gfycat. Learn more about Gfycat here.

How do I create my own Gfycat GIFs?

Easy! Click the upload button to directly upload a GIF or video, load in a video and then cut it or add captions to it, or paste in a video URL and then cut it or add captions to it. To have control over your Gfycat GIFs, make sure you are logged in to your account.

Why should I create a Gfycat account?

Accounts let you easily manage your own Gfycat GIFs and save for later the GIFs you find. It also gives you access to customize your public GIF profile as well as create GIF collections and playlists out of all the content available on Gfycat. If you are an artist, brand or company, or celebrity, visit our Partner Portal or email us at partners@gfycat.com to learn more about official (verified) accounts and what we can do for you.

Can I edit, change, or delete my Gfycat GIF after I upload it?

Only if you uploaded the GIF to your account. Otherwise, bummer! 😞

What’s the maximum file size of video or GIF I can upload?

No limit. 1MB or 1GB, it’s all the same to us.

What’s the maximum duration I can upload?

Is it a video file or video URL? The maximum duration we will output is 60 seconds. You can load in any video of any length and edit the time down to 60 seconds or less.

Is it a .gif file? Then, there is no maximum duration BUT the quality will likely be poorer due to the source file being a .gif file.

How do I share a Gfycat GIF on Facebook?

Click the Facebook ‘F’ icon, type any text you want to add to your post, and then post away!

Can I share a Gfycat GIF as a post from a Facebook page I manage?

Yes! Follow the same steps as sharing to Facebook above, but simply select that you are posting as a page that you manage.

How do I share a Gfycat GIF on Twitter?

Gfycat GIFs play at much higher resolution than Twitter videos. The easiest way to share on Twitter is by copying the link URL into the Tweet. The tweet will then show the GIF that, when clicked on, shows GIFs at amazing resolution and colors from the full spectrum light, 16 million. On laptops and desktop, we have a further nifty feature that allows your content to be uniquely identified to you if you’re the creator, by showing your profile picture and username. Alternative, to get GIFs to autoplay in your tweet click the Twitter "t" icon, compose your tweet, and then tweet!

What if my site uses Wordpress or Medium? Does embedding still work?

All you have to do is simply paste the Gfycat URL (e.g. gfycat.com/FavoriteFondAfricanparadiseflycatcher) whereever you want the GIF to be placed and it will render inline as you edit. Embedding Gfycat URLs works even easier thanks to awesome formats like oEmbed and great services like Embed.ly. If your site uses either of these, you can quickly copy and paste a Gfycat link and move on to the next item on your to-do list.

How do I embed a Gfycat GIF on my website, blog, or article?

Simple! Grab our iFrame embed by clicking the share button on any Gfycat link, then click "Embed". We offer two: Fixed and Responsive. We recommend using the Responsive as it fits to your page or article width and translates great between desktop and mobile web for viewing.

Are my GIF uploads public or unlisted?

By default, all Gfycat GIFs start off as public. In order to change from public to unlisted or vice versa, you need to 1) have uploaded your content to your account and 2) simply change it from your content management interface. Unlisted content is not discoverable on Gfycat, but anyone who has the link to an unlisted Gfycat can view it.

How do I send a Gfycat GIF in iMessage?

Simple and easy. Paste the URL into the message you are writing in iMessage and it will render and play right after you send it.

Are there any types of content that I cannot upload to Gfycat?

Sadly, yes. You cannot upload any content that violates our Terms of Service.

Are there any added benefits for my company/brand? How can I become a Gfycat Partner?

Yes. Brands and companies have official (verified) accounts that come with analytics, account support, and technical support. Visit our Partner Portal or email us at partners@gfycat.com to learn more and get started!

I’m an artist, celebrity or viral creator. Any added benefits for me?

Yes. We offer artists, celebrities, and viral creators the same benefits we give to brands! Visit our Partner Portal or email us at partners@gfycat.com to learn more and get started!

How do you pronounce Gfycat?

How do you pronounce giraffe, gypsum, gym, gist, or gin? Soft G as in ‘jiffy-cat’.

What’s behind the name Gfycat?

GFY stands for GIF Format Yoker – essentially we make GIF-type content faster and better when you view it. Cats are just an internet sensation and they’re not going away anytime soon.

I’d like to add GIF functionality to my site/app. Does Gfycat have a developer API?

Absolutely! Our Gfycat API is open to the public. It allows any developer to easily insert Gfycat GIFs into their sites/apps or allow you or your users to create your own GIFs. The documentation is located here: developers.gfycat.com. Send us any questions to api@gfycat.com.

Can I include sound in my videos on Gfycat?

Yes, Gfycat supports sound in your GIFs and videos. Learn more about how to upload GIFs with sound.

Where can I find the .gif files to be able to download them?

Click the share button on any Gfycat link, then click "GIFs".