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How to Use GIF Brewery – Multiple Clips

Multiple Clips & The Clip Bar

GIF Brewery lets you quickly create GIFs that are combinations of multiple slices from a video. GIFs in GIF Brewery are comprised of one or more clips from a video.

The clip bar is featured right below the video. It is a visual representation of the current clips that will make the GIF.

You can use the “Set Start” and “Set End” buttons to change the start and stop times of the currently selected clip. This change will be reflected in the clip bar.

In this tutorial, we have a video of some animals playing in the snow. Let’s start by making the clip just the seal rolling in the snow.

However, what if we want more to our GIF than just a seal rolling in the snow? We want the seal and the otter!

To do that, we need to add a new clip to the clip bar with the “Add Clip” button. The “Add Clip” button will create a new clip as a duplicate of the final clip.

Our market research says that the otter really should come before the seal. Luckily, we can just drag clips to rearrange them.

Now with the otter properly in front of the seal, we are ready to create our final GIF.

We can either create the .gif or upload directly to Gfycat from inside GIF Brewery. Right now, we’ll create the high-quality Gfycat version.

And that’s it! We’ve created a GIF from multiple clips in the same video.

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