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SuperScrubs Can Beat Any Video Game with Any Controller: This Week in GIFs

Britney Spears

GIF haul for this week: cute animals, Britney Spears throws an at-home fashion show, and the world’s best “WTF” reaction GIF.

Creator of the Week

@ATwerkingYoshi, AKA Super Scrubs

“I play video games with weird controllers for fun. A short loop of an achievement is much better than 5 minutes of trying to figure out how to use the controller. I get a ton of motivation from users who see my content. They come up with crazy ideas and inspire me to learn and create crazier controllers!”

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This week’s top story

Nintendo Direct Highlights Fans Can’t Stop Talking About

A lot of story and world details arrived through the latest Xenoblade Chronicles 2 trailer, but the biggest news was that the game will make it to store shelves December 1. And in case you were wondering, the game still looks great, the story already shows amazing promise, and the characters seem fun.
Also, Fire Emblem Warriors is getting a new playable character: the fan-favorite Lyn. Her inclusion is huge for several reasons. For one, Lyn is one of the protagonists from the first Fire Emblem game released in the West, making her a very nostalgic character. Her special attacks even replicate her animations from the Game Boy Advance game. Second, she is one of the few representatives outside Fire Emblem Fates and Fire Emblem Awakening to be confirmed, giving hardcore fans hope that more legacy characters will return. Read more…

This week’s top GIFs

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