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How to Send GIFs in Skype with Gfycat

Chances are you’ve used Skype before. But did you know that you can now send GIFs in your one-to-one or group Skype conversations?

4 Easy Steps to Send GIFs in Skype

Step 1: Open Skype on desktop or mobile to the conversation you want

Step 2: Click the + button to open the add-ons menu

On mobile, the + button is on the left.

On desktop, the + button is on the right.

Step 3: Click the Gfycat “GIF” icon to open the Gfycat add-on

Step 4: Search and click the GIF you want to send

GIFs are always at your fingertips, directly inside Skype!

For additional help, please visit our support page. Do you have any ideas on how we could improve the Gfycat in Skype? We want to hear them! Send us a note to Enjoy the GIFs!

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