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How to Send GIFs in Viber with Gfycat

Let’s explore how to send GIFs in Viber. With over 1 billion registered users worldwide, Viber is one of the top ways friends, family, and business colleagues keep in touch, from video calling to sending money to messaging.

Thanks to Viber chat extensions, sharing rich content messages is easy. You can send songs, YouTube videos, and, most importantly, GIFs to your friends and loved ones—all without leaving the Viber app.

That’s right. GIFs from Gfycat are available directly inside your Viber chats. Here’s how to start sending GIFs in four simple steps.

4 Easy Steps to Sends GIFs in Viber

Step 1: Open any new or existing Viber chat

Step 2: Tap the “GIF+” button

Step 3: Tap the Gfycat “GIF” button

Step 4: Search and Send

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It’s easy to stay connected and express yourself with GIFs on Viber!

GIFs in Viber Gfycat

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