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How to Post Your GIFs to Twitter with Gfycat

Step up your tweet game by posting GIFs to Twitter. Twitter is one of the most vibrant platforms to share thoughts, opinions, and converse about a full range of topics. GIFs add to the mix!

Sometimes though, you have your own GIFs that you want to be able to use in Tweets or Tweet Replies. We make a Twitter-optimized .gif for every GIF on Gfycat. It’s a quick three step process.

3 Steps to Posts GIFs to Twitter

Step 1: Upload your GIFs to Gfycat

Click on Upload in the upper right corner to begin uploading your GIFs. If you want your GIFs you be saved to your Gfycat account page, you must be logged in.

Step 2: Click the Twitter Button on the Results Page

Clicking the Twitter sharing button will open the Tweet composer with the GIF added to your Tweet.

Step 3: Edit and Click Tweet

Write what you’d like to say, tag any @usernames you want, then click the big “Tweet” button.

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Sharing your own GIFs in the highest quality allowed by Twitter is that simple!

GIFs to Twitter - Gfycat

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