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The Past 10 Years of the Kardashians: What We Learned

Looking back on 10 drama-packed, colorful years of Keeping up with the Kardashians requires a moment or two of reflection. Like, wait — why are they famous again?  Ohhh yeah. Let’s not go there. But love them or hate them, they have become a cultural phenomenon of epic proportions.

The real question is: why can’t we look away? Maybe it’s because the family endlessly spews out an array of fascinating catch phrases and wears interesting facial expressions…and lack thereof:

This is my angry face

Word to the wise: do not enter into a staring contest with Kim! We have no evidence on deck that she is actually capable of blinking. But clearly, that doesn’t mean her possibly animatronic eyes don’t move.


To be fair, Kim may have a few new claims to fame, including the disappearing-eye eye roll. And certainly the Kardashians have revamped the cultural climate by peppering it with a bounty of classy adverbs.

Yeah but like, how does one figuratively end up alone?

Oh, and let’s not forget the family’s favorite adjective to describe one another…

Since Kim’s entire family laughs at Kim’s expressive crying faces, I have no issue losing my shiz over them just the same.

Drowning in her own tears, Kim is a modern-day Alice in Wonderland!


Maybe if Kim does something fun to distract her from a whole world of gratuitious theatrics, we’ll get some smiles out of her. Like ziplining through a jungle in Thailand! That oughta do it.

Geez, sorry…never mind!!


The last 10 years were also so rife with controversy, it’s hard to know where to begin, but it may be worth mentioning that Bruce Jenner is now Caitlin Jenner. At this point, it’s still difficult to say what it’s done for the LGBTQ community to have a prominent pop culture figure own her gender differences in the way Caitlin Jenner has. The exposure seems to be important for the trans community, but maybe we should’ve analyzed a few things before we took it this far:

To wrap up, enjoy the two cents from one of our most important cultural heroes:

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