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OKChicas GIFs, Taylor Swift and a Cat Fail

Weekly roundup for August 24th, 2017: OKChicas GIFs

We’re adding a Weekly Roundup feature to our blog and this week, we’re covering OKChicas GIFs, from one of our most prolific partners. Want these GIFs sent straight to your inbox? No problem, sign up here.

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When you fight with your boyfriend: expectation vs. reality

Creator of the Week

“GIFs are one of our favorite content strategies for our audience. It’s a format they engage with a lot and complements our Fanpage links.”

About OK Chicas: El mejor sitio para encontrar inspiración, entretenimiento, tips, consejos, relaciones, salud, creatividad y curiosidades creado especialmente para mu.

Top GIFs by Views

Regular high-five GIFs are boring. High fives with a backbend and a Ferris wheel? Much better. This comes from Funny Or Die‘s “High-Five Hollywood” sketch.

Don’t know what’s going on here; don’t want to know. Just enjoy the dancing panda.

Top GIFs on Social Media

Taylor Swift performed her new single, “Look What You Made Me Do,” at the VMAs to mixed (OK, largely negative) reviews. Taylor, the outfit is great, but you’re not really selling the whole dominatrix/bad girl act (and by the way, dommes don’t wear collars?). If it* ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
*By “it” we mean TSwift’s iconic good-girl-next-door persona

This is intensely relatable, honestly. Sometimes we fail, cat, and that’s OK. The best we can hope for is to avoid having our fails documented via GIF for Internet posterity.

This is the first of our Weekly Roundups, and we’re planning on doing them, y’know, weekly. Stay tuned!