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How to Make GIFs from YouTube Videos

It has never been easier to make GIFs from videos. Gfycat supports YouTube and Vimeo links, as well as links to videos from other sites.

Step 1
Copy the YouTube URL you want to make a GIF from and navigate to Click the “Create” button in the top menu-bar.
Gfycat Create GIF button

Step 2
Paste your YouTube URL into the input box near the top left of the page.

via Gfycat

Step 3
Choose the start time and length of your GIF.

via Gfycat

Step 4
Add a caption if you wish. When satisfied, click the “Finish” button. Wait for the GIF to be created. If it’s long, it may take a few minutes.

Step 5
Use any of the on-screen links to share or embed your newly created GIF. You can share Gfycat GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, VK, Tumblr, text message, email, and everywhere!

Now that you’ve made a GIF, here’s how to share it on Medium or WordPress .

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