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How to Make a GIF on Facebook Messenger with Gfycat

Facebook Messenger

Making GIFs on Facebook Messenger is quick and easy! Follow this guide to using our simple GIF Art by Gfycat chat extension tool.

Make sure you have the Facebook Messenger application open on your phone or tablet before getting started.

Step 1: Start a Conversation with Gfycat Bot

In order to enable our GIF Art by Gfycat chat extension tool, you simply need to start a quick chat with the Gfycat Bot.

Click here to get started.

Talking with the Gfycat Bot is a great way to discover trending GIFs, reaction GIFs, or other random GIFs on Gfycat. You can also use it to search Gfycat’s entire library of tens of millions of GIFs. Once you’ve started the conversation, the GIF Art by Gfycat chat extension tool will be available in your other chats on Facebook Messenger.

Step 2: Go to or Start a New Conversation with a Group or Friend on Facebook Messenger

This shouldn’t be too challenging ?.

Step 3: Tap the + Button to Access Chat Extensions and Select Gfycat

If you have tapped the + button before, you know there are multiple options that come up for you to use. Among them are chat extensions. Because you started a conversation with Gfycat Bot, you will see Gfycat now as an option in the chat extensions. Tap it and get on your way to making your own GIFs!

Step 4: Draw a GIF Using Your Finger or Stylus Pen

This is the easy part! Draw any GIF you like. Using your finger or a stylus pen, the drawing screen is now your canvas to express yourself. It can be something as simple as drawing a nice heart or writing “Lit,” or it can be more complicated like a drawing of a cute cat.

Step 5: Finish Drawing Your GIF

Once you’ve finished your GIF, tap the Send icon. It will take a few seconds for us to process your GIF.

Step 6: Send GIF to Conversation

Once the GIF is ready, take the final step by tapping the “Send to…” button. Ta-da!

Once you send a GIF to someone with GIF Art by Gfycat on Facebook Messenger, they can discover how to draw a GIF of their own and send a GIF back to you.

You can draw inspiration from GIF Art made by others on Messenger by tapping the Hot tab.

You can also use the Reactions tab and search bar to discover all the other millions of GIFs already on Gfycat that you can use in your conversations on Messenger. Happy GIF-ing!

For additional help, please visit our support page.