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GIF Commands — How to Send GIFs in Slack

We’ll run through the steps to teach you how to share animated GIFs in Slack using Gfycat. It’s free and easy!

10 Easy Steps to Sends GIFs in Slack

Step 1: Sign into your Slack team. Go to or your team’s workspace URL in any web browser.

Step 2: Navigate to This opens the Gfycat page in the Slack App Directory.

Step 3: Click “Visit Site to Install.” It’s the green button in the left column. This will take you to

Step 4: Click “Add to Slack.” This will take you to an authorization page.

Step 5: Click “Authorize.” Now you have added Gfycat and it is ready to use inside Slack.

Step 6: Navigate back to your Slack team workspace.

Step 7: Click the channel or chat conversation where you want to share a GIF.

Step 8: Type /gfycat <any word or phrase> and press Enter. Replace “<any word or phrase>” with the type of GIF you are looking to share. A matching GIF will appear.
For example, if you want to see LOL GIFs, type /gfycat LOL.

Step 9: Click “Show me another” to view more matching GIFs. Press the button until you find the right GIF you want to send.

from Slack GIFs via Gfycat

Step 10: Click Send. The selected GIF will now appear in the channel.

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