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Helping After Harvey & Gfycat Cofounder Dan McEleney on His Fave GIFs

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Creator of the Week

@Danno, AKA Gfycat Cofounder Dan McEleney

“GIFs are the perfect way to share a cool moment with others,” says Gfycat cofounder Dan McEleney. “I got started with sharing soccer highlights in GIF form, but I love just about any GIF that captures something astonishing, impressive, funny, or trippy.”

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This Week’s Top GIFs

Tragically, Hurricane Harvey has absolutely devastated the Houston area (and at time of publication, we’re waiting to see what Irma and Jose will do). One bright spot, though: the way Houstonians have stepped up to help out their neighbors is truly inspiring. These young men are helping an elderly woman trapped in her car on a flooded road. This Harvey GIF is one of our favorite examples of acts of kindness. You can find more Hurricane Harvey GIFs here.

Speaking of helping, this husky puppy adamantly does. not. want. help. Especially not from her brother Jake. As someone with many siblings, I can relate.

The look on this ref’s face is priceless. Cole Cubelic, on the other hand, is utterly unrepentant. Clearly he doesn’t realize how close the ref came to decking him.

Not sure what’s funnier: the GIF itself, or the GIF with captions. “Kiss me, Hardy!” Or should I say Harvey? Too soon? I’ll show myself out.

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