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A GIF Guide to Overcoming Anxiety


So many factors can contribute to anxiety. And getting rid of it can be very hard work. Here are some helpful techniques to improve overall wellbeing in the form of interpretive dance — I mean, GIFs. Get ready.

1. Take a nap with a weighted blanket. ?

If you happen to like wearing heavy backpacks, or hugging stuffed animals to feel calm, then you might like weighted blankets even more! Give it a try.

2. Clean!!!

Clean up a small area of your space—even if it’s just your desktop folders . You will feel refreshed and renewed to clear the static energy.


3. Make or eat chewy foods like boba tea, or ? raindrop cake!

If you can’t stand the feeling of gooey foods, then try something crunchy instead. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water . Stay hydrated! ?

4. Try a variety of fidget toys to find your favorite.

Fidget toy examples are connecting magnets, playing with putty, wooden puzzles, connecting building blocks, or the recently famous fidget spinners!

5. Doodle.

Friend Gfycat for its hand-drawn feature on Facebook Messenger. Or use your favorite pencils or markers to practice your handwriting or doodling skills.

6. Take a short walk.

Taking a walk will boost your serotonin (happiness chemicals), and help your mind when you feel stuck. *Just don’t use your phone at the same time!*

7. Buy noise-cancelling headphones…

Or even cheaper — fit regular earbuds under noise-cancelling ear muffs! Then listen to dampened sound, white-noise, sound-machines, or music.

8. Customize your space with your favorite colors and textures.

Light and earthy…or dark and neon? Whatever your favorite colors and textures are, find more ways to add them to your zone, yo.

9. Surround yourself with a nice memory via smell.

This could be a calming lavender-scented lotion, a warm citrus-apple spray, a loved one’s cologne/perfume, or perhaps the nostalgic smell of an old book.

10. Plan a semi-social activity for later. Karaoke, anyone? ?

Anxiety can be isolating, but you could plan a quiet tea for two, sign up for martial arts, run a race for charity, or hold a “no-judgement” karaoke night!

What other techniques have worked for you to overcome anxiety?
Feel free to comment below!

Kasey Wang is Gfycat’s Product Designer during the week, and a part-time Chaotic Neutral Illuskan Warrior on Wednesdays. She loves her adult-ing husband Mark, expressive Markov-chain robots, and arcades with premium claw machines. Check her out on Twitter @KaseyJWang.

P.S. The photo of the blanket-doggie is by Matthew Henry on Unsplash. ?