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GIFs + Gmail from Gfycat

Gmail: the tab that’s always open. You spend so much time reading and drafting emails, so why not make the experience a little more fun? Try adding GIFs to Gmail.

Getting Started

Whether you are on your personal account or business account, when you’re using Gmail chances are you are working on something important. That means you’re probably busy — but it can’t hurt to inject a little fun. Gfycat is here to help you lighten the mood a little in your email replies.

Install Gfycat for Gmail here

The Gfycat for Gmail add-on works on all browsers. It is accessed entirely through Gmail, not as a Chrome extension or other browser plug-in. Safari, Firefox, Edge, or even Opera browser users can install the Gfycat for Gmail add-on.* Once you install it, it’s always available to you if you log into your Gmail account, no matter how you access it.

Step 1 — Install

from Gmail GIFs via Gfycat

Step 2 — Open the email you want to reply to with a GIF

Adding GIFs to Gmail Messages

Step 3 — Find and click GIF to create reply draft

Step 4 — Finish draft and send

from Gmail GIFs via Gfycat

It’s that simple. You don’t have to save GIFs to your desktop and insert them into Gmail as image attachments anymore. Now you can find and send relevant trending GIFs without leaving Gmail, thanks to Gfycat. Underneath the GIF once you insert it into your email, we link to the high-quality version on Gfycat in case any recipient wants to watch it in all its HD glory.

Reaction GIFs have been packaged together in the “Reactions” tab for you to quickly access common GIFs people are using to respond to certain situations.

“Did you get the tickets?” Respond with a “Yay” GIF.

via Gfycat

Someone sent you that report you’ve been waiting for? A plethora of “Thanks” GIFs are now right at your fingertips.

from Thanks GIFs via Gfycat

The full power of GIF search is also accessible to you within Gmail. Cat GIFs? Check. Cute GIFs? Check. Funny GIFs? Sports GIFs? Check.

If you have some favorite GIFs on Gfycat, or if you have some in your own Gfycat account that might be difficult to find through simple searches that have thousands of results, we also put a fun easter egg in the Gfycat Gmail Add-on. For example, if you could not easily find while searching for “say what?”, you can type or paste “EmbellishedMeagerEkaltadeta” in the search bar and get the exact GIF you’re looking for.

from Ready Player One GIFs via Gfycat

Do you have any ideas on how we could improve the Gfycat Gmail Add-on? We want to hear them! Send us a note to gmail at gfycat dot com. Enjoy the GIFs! For additional help, please visit our support page. Watch the full tutorial here.

from Cheers GIFs via Gfycat

*Note: if you install the Gfycat for Gmail add-on and begin seeing errors when trying to use it, the chances are a browser extension you are using is the cause.