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Emoji Search for World Emoji Day

In honor of World Emoji Day, we have added emoji search to Gfycat!

Like GIFs, emojis are a staple of digital communication now. We are often express ourselves more with emojis than with words. There are so many GIFs that might be perfect for what you are trying to convey and being able to search faster by typing in one emoji to find corresponding GIFs we see as a huge benefit for everyone. The result is emoji search.

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Support for Emoji Search

In addition to the search bar on for desktop/mobile and the Gfycat iOS, iMessage and Android apps, users can try this anywhere GIF search by Gfycat is integrated such as Slack, Gmail, Viber, Facebook Messenger and Tango.

We value your feedback! We will routinely update our support for new emojis. Please send us a message to support at gfycat dot com if you notice any emojis that don’t seem to have the correct results.

Emoji Search World Emoji Day

Emoji search results for avocado ?

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