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How to Embed GIFs on WordPress with Gfycat

Whether your site or blog uses,, or VIP, the solution for inserting GIFs on WordPress for your articles and posts is seamless.

As of March 2018, WordPress powers 30% of all the websites on the internet. Based on the total number of sites currently on the web, a staggering number have deployed WordPress.

WordPress powers sites such as BBC America, TechCrunch, Variety, The White House, the Houston Zoo, and even the Gfycat Blog.

If your site is powered by, your WordPress interface likely looks like this.

You can easily embed a specific GIF through the Gfycat for WordPress plugin.

Step 1: Install the plugin.

There are two options available to you.

Option A: You already have a Gfycat URL that you want to insert into your WordPress post. In this case, copy the end of the URL (“AnxiousNegativeIraniangroundjay” from and paste it into search box of the plugin.

Option B: You don’t have a specific GIF in mind. In this case use the plugin to search for a GIF that fits your intent. You can also click the smiley face icon ? to browse through Reaction GIFs.

Step 2: Click the GIF inside the plugin to embed it into your WordPress post.

You can also simply copy and paste a Gfycat URL and this will automatically use a smaller width embedded version.

If your site is powered by, your WordPress interface likely looks like this.

Your interface may have more options that your IT department has set up. Either way, you can simply copy and paste the Gfycat URL in and it will automatically expand as you are drafting your page, article, or post. Try it with this link ( as shown below.

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