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Nintendo Switch, Baseball, and Cute Animals: This Week in GIFs

cute baby lion Nintendo

This week’s GIF haul: Nintendo nostalgia, sports, and a hefty dose of aww.

Creator spotlight

Robert Bacon, AKA @uwobacon

“I’ve always loved GIFs. Back in the day when I was making my very own Geocities website it was basically 90% GIFs. To me a GIF is much less intrusive to an internet audience than a video and much more entertaining than just a photo. It’s a great way to get people interested in your content.”

Robert, a comedian and actor, uses Gfycat to promote his performance in “Rookie of the Year: the Musical.” Check out for more ways Gfycat can help your company or brand.

This week’s top story

5 Reasons You Should Be Excited About the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is coming up on its first holiday season after six months of being on the market. Despite a few successful titles, there are still those who grumble about the console, citing a lack of good games and console power. We all know where that second complaint comes from, and there’s just no fixing that. But we do believe the Switch has a future worth getting excited over. Here are a few good reasons.

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Yes, we know this came out already, but the successful team-up of Nintendo and Ubisoft is very telling of the level of clever innovation being pumped into Switch titles. That the two developers were able to use an IP that wasn’t aging too well and combine it with a Nintendo classic to create a concept unique to both series showed that we may be getting some “out of the box” thinking for the Switch.

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This week’s top GIFs

It has been a very rough week. You need—nay, you deserve—some cute animal GIFs. Have at it!

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