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Tips for Anxiety So You Can Chill: This Week in GIFs

This week’s GIF haul: koala cuddles, the world’s best conversation starter dress, and why the Gfycat Loops app is a game changer.

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Tips to Overcoming Anxiety – in GIFs

So many factors can contribute to anxiety. And getting rid of it can be very hard work. Here are some helpful tips to improve overall wellbeing in the form of interpretive dance — I mean, GIFs. Try this unexpected tip: did you know that you can calm down just by chomping down on something chewy? Read more…


Product spotlight

Gfycat Loops

Gfycat’s iMessage App

With over a hundred reaction GIF categories, GIF and meme creation, and millions of unique searchable GIFs, Gfycat Loops has everything you need to spice up your text messages.

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