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Football, basically.

hock6 (GREAT EFFORT TJ Toe-Tap on the sideline) GIF
hock1 (enough separations, split out, moving sticks) GIF
hock3 (bailed on block, soft hands, hurdle-YAC) GIF
hock5 (great, confident hands over middle - chunk yds) GIF
hock1 (contact balance; bouncing off defenders stumbling to extra yards-YAC) GIF
hock4 (wide open QB CUT; bad missed pass) GIF
hock3 (lined in slot; scramble drill BIG PLAY downfield defender hanging on drawing PI on catch) GIF
hock1 (down seam, good hands-grab; fighting for xtra YAC - fumble) GIF
hock4 (easy money down seem BIG GAIN red zone setup) GIF
hock2 (blocking the edge, driving defender back-off-screen working thru whistle) GIF
hock2 (over middle-down seem; carrying defender little extra YAC) GIF
trayv8 (more hands out of backfield, easy YAC) GIF